The Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza is honored to receive recognition from the City Council

The City Council voted to acknowledge the festival and show its support by promoting the festival in its social media accounts. This motion was introduced by Council Member Chris Dabrowski and seconded by Council Member Mike Strange.









We would like to take this opportunity to thank Council Member Dabrowski for bringing this issue to light, as well as all of the other members who supported his motion. Your support means a great deal to us and we look forward to working with you over the next year.

This year, we have a lot to celebrate.

We’ve been recognized by the City of Niagara Falls as one of their top festivals in the last few years, and we’re so proud to be part of that.

But most of all, our deepest gratitude goes to the woman behind the City Council’s recognition: Tita Eileen Tinio Hind for making this happen. She is a great and perfect Head of the Awards and Community Affairs Committee.

We would also like to thank Rizza Gatbonton and Jerry Gatbonton—who are both OFCAS members and heads of our community partner FINRO Filipinos In Niagara Region Ontario for their work on this event as well as all their other contributions to our community over the years.

It’s not an easy journey for our community partners and organizers but despite the hurdles, we were able to push through this event.

This year’s Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza event is a showcase of Filipino culture, history and tradition. It is an opportunity for us to showcase our rich culture and heritage to the local community. It also celebrates the diversity of our community by bringing together different cultures with their unique traditions and customs.

Another highlight of this year’s Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza event is a car show wherein there will be more than 100 cars participating in different categories such as classic cars, modified cars, and luxury cars.

The crowd was excited to see their favorite stars perform on stage as well as having fun with their friends and family members.

We know that you’ll enjoy yourself at the Fiesta Extravaganza, but most of all, we hope you had some time to mingle with your fellow Filipinos and learn about their cultures. We can’t wait to see you there! The Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza is coming! And we’re going to make sure that this year, it’s even better than ever. So mark your calendars—we’ll see you soon!