Sining, Sayaw at Saya! 2024 Fiesta Extravaganza Unveils New Attraction Across Canada

Brace yourselves for another unforgettable celebration as the 2024 Fiesta Extravaganza returns, promising the beauty of Filipino culture, entertainment, and community spirit. Spanning multiple cities across Canada, this year’s festivities aim to dazzle attendees with an array of exciting additions and immersive experiences.

Renowned as the “Festival of Smiles,” Fiesta Extravaganza continues to radiate joy and
warmth. Experience a summer of fun with multitude of cultural presentations, live performances, culinary delights, and engaging activities designed to enchant attendees of all ages.

Last year, we celebrated the festival in seven cities of Canada: Toronto, Vaughan, Surrey, Niagara, Hamilton, Miramichi, and Montreal. Building on its legacy, Fiesta Extravaganza proudly expands its footprint to embrace new cities in Canada. Join us in Brampton, ON and Lethbridge, AB as we amplify the festivities in our 7th year and unite more communities in a showcase of Filipino heritage.

In a thrilling addition to the festivities, select cities will feature a Farmers Market, offering an opportunity for festival-goers to indulge in locally-sourced produce. Dive into an array of fresh flavors and experience the authenticity of Filipino cuisine like never before.

Furthermore, Fiesta Extravaganza introduces a groundbreaking initiative—the Job Fair. In line with our commitment to community empowerment, this fair seeks to provide career opportunities and foster professional development within the Filipino-Canadian community.

Beyond the festivities, Fiesta Extravaganza stands as a beacon of inclusivity, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate diversity and heritage. This year also marks the celebration of the 75th year of bilateral relationship between Canada and the Philippines. Join us in building a stronger Filipino community and fostering a sense of belonging in every city we visit.

We invite everyone to be a part of this momentous occasion! Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on an exhilarating cultural journey at the 2024 Fiesta Extravaganza. Bring your family, friends, and smiles as we create cherished memories together.

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