Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza 2023

The Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza 2023, held on August 5-6 at Fireman’s Park, 2275 Dorchester Rd, Niagara Falls, Ontario. The festival brought together a diverse range of activities, performances, and delicious food offerings that delighted attendees.

The event kicked off with a lively parade that showcased the vibrancy of Filipino culture. Spectators were treated to captivating presentations of traditional Filipino cultural dances that mesmerized and educated the crowd. The stage came alive with the enchanting performances by JDL Performing Arts.

Keep the Faith, Joey Albert & Mike Swift

Car and Motorcycle Showcases

Food, Activity, and Informational Booths


The event’s highlight performers included renowned artists such as Joey Albert and Mike Swift, who captivated the audience with their outstanding performances. The atmosphere was electrified by the presence of Keep the Faith, a remarkable Bon Jovi tribute band. The stage was also graced by a selection of talented featured artists including 44Holla, Cmagic5, Pwrhwze, Rimay, Soundwave, Tres Maharlika, and Utol Band, each contributing their unique flair to the festivities.

Car enthusiasts were in for a treat at the BumpertoBumper Carshow, where a dazzling array of vehicles was on display. The motorbike show added an extra layer of excitement for two-wheeler aficionados, highlighting the creativity and craftsmanship of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Games and giveaways added an element of fun and engagement, keeping attendees entertained throughout the event. A diverse range of activities catered to people of all ages, ensuring that there was something enjoyable for everyone.

Itlog na Pula

At Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza!

Of course, no fiesta is complete without a delectable array of food options! The event proudly presented a variety of mouthwatering Filipino delicacies, with a special highlight on “itlog na pula/maalat” or salted eggs.

Have you spotted it at the event?


A salted egg is a preserved duck egg that has been soaked in brine or packed in a mixture. This preservation process imparts a unique and savory flavor to the egg, making it a popular and flavorful addition to many Filipino dishes. While the traditional method may sound intriguing, it’s worth noting that the results are often reputed to possess superior flavor and texture!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful attendees, mesmerizing performers, dedicated vendors, generous sponsors, and selfless volunteers who collectively contributed to the success of the Niagara Fiesta Extravaganza 2023. Your unwavering support, enthusiasm, and commitment brought this vibrant celebration of Filipino culture to life, creating cherished memories that will linger in our hearts for years to come.