Miramichi Fiesta Extravaganza 2023

The Miramichi Fiesta Extravaganza and Lobster Festival 2023, a two-day celebration of culture, food, and entertainment, took place on August 19-20 at General Manson Way in Miramichi, New Brunswick. This event marked a significant milestone as it was the first-ever Fiesta Extravaganza held in Miramichi, promising a unique blend of cultural experiences and delightful festivities.

One of the main highlights of the event was the Lobster Festival, an homage to the coastal heritage of Miramichi. Attendees were treated to a succulent lobster salo-salo feast! Miramichi Fiesta Extravaganza 2023 took an exciting twist with the “Eating Balut Challenge.” Mayor Adam Lordon of Miramichi and MP Rechie Aileen Valdez, the First Filipino Canadian Cabinet Minister, stepped up to the plate to participate in this unique challenge, demonstrating their support for the cultural exchange between communities.

Adding a touch of star-studded glamour to the event, Yam Concepcion, a Fiesta Extravaganza regular along with other performers took the stage and delighted the FE crowd!

Mayor Adam Lordon of Miramichi and MP Rechie Aileen Valdez

Delightful Lobster Feast at the Lobster Festival

Yam Concepcion, the Fiesta Extravaganza Regular Performer


The Miramichi Fiesta Extravaganza and Lobster Festival 2023 was made possible by the collaborative efforts of various organizations. The event was presented by the Miramichi Filipino Association (MFA), the City of Ville de Miramichi, Canadian Heritage, New Nouveau Brunswick Canada, and the Philippine Extravaganza for Arts, Culture, and Heritage (PEACH).

The festival was further supported by an array of sponsors, including Jungo Pinoy, Towne Mazda, Burger King, Boston Pizza, Taralets Canada Immigration and Consulting Inc., Greco Pizza, Yeshfeen International Sportswear, Allison’s Manufacturing Ltd., Goodie Shop Restaurant, Kuya Bob Asian Store, CP Real Estate, Miramichi Meat Ltd., Rodd Miramichi River, Shannex, and Dr. Greg Macdiarmid.

The Miramichi Fiesta Extravaganza 2023 also went beyond celebrating local culture and extended its embrace to the Filipino community. The event featured traditional Filipino games like Kadang-kadang, adding an element of fun and competition. Moreover, the festival resonated with the spirit of the Philippines through captivating cultural presentations, including the vibrant Bulaklakan Dance and the intricate Tinikling.

The Miramichi Fiesta Extravaganza and Lobster Festival 2023 beautifully demonstrated the power of cultural exchange, unity, and celebration. From Filipino dances to lobster feasts, the event brought together diverse traditions and flavors. As the sun set on August 20th, attendees left with hearts full of memories, new friendships forged, and a deeper appreciation for the richness of culture and community that this extravaganza showcased.