2022 Recap – BIGGEST Filipino Summer Festival in Toronto: A Success!

The most anticipated and star-studded festival this summer – Toronto Fiesta Extravaganza was held in Albert Campbell Square, 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough, ON last June 25 and 26.

This “Summer Balik Saya” event after the pandemic was the first of many summer festivals in Ontario this 2022. The event was organized by the Toronto Fiesta Extravaganza 2022 team in partnership with MCBN Group.

Main highlights of the festival were the nonstop entertainment, cultural presentations, food expo, 50/50 Bingo, raffle draws, and celebrity singer/actress Rachel Alejandro! She engaged with the crowd by her song and dance performances on stage.

Rachel Alejandro expressed her excitement to be back on stage and perform to a live audience once again. She was also overwhelmed with the crowd, as many Filipino Canadians as well as other nationalities joined the fiesta.

The organizers were successful in promoting multicultural awareness and appreciation of Philippine heritage. They were also successful in bringing together Filipino Canadians, along with cultural groups from Canada and the Philippines, to celebrate our heritage.

This coming 2023, the Canada Fiesta Extravaganza will expand to three more cities. So watch out and stay tuned for our future events!