2022 Recap – A Memorable 2022 Wrap-up in Montreal Fiesta Extravaganza!

Another history was made in Montreal, celebrating the Philippine heritage and culture.

Countless of Filipino Canadians attended the summer festival filled with lively music, cultural performances, traditional Filipino games, raffle draws, good food, and the overall fiesta vibes!

Similar to the other fiestas in previous cities of Canada, the Montreal Fiesta Extravaganza aims to promote multicultural awareness and appreciation of the Philippine heritage. This is part of the goal to build a strong Filipino community in Canada, where participants could all connect and exchange ideas and interests. This is also a good opportunity to support Filipino-owned businesses by patronizing their products and services offered.

Further, one way to showcase the achievements of our continuously growing community through this celebration is to recognize the Filipinos who contributed to the social and economic fabric of Canada. “There are so many successful Filipinos in Canada. They really thrive. Though this Fiesta Extravaganza, we were able to connect with them and recognize their efforts,” said Mr. Von Canton, CEO and Founder of the Canada Fiesta Extravaganza.

Many local artists, bands, and performers showed off their talents in center stage. The nonstop entertainment was also amplified by none other than iWantTFC Celebrity Guest Yam Concepcion! She was also present in the Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza and continued to bring joy and be part of the celebration in Montreal. She brought the crowd to their feet as she performed her drum solo on stage.

The crowd became even more lively when the raffle draws took place. Winners can be seen in the Montreal Fiesta Extravaganza Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10160876513851264&set=a.10150102998516264). There were also many booths representing major community organizations and ethnicities.

The Montreal Fiesta Extravaganza is the last summer festival organized by the Canada Fiesta Extravaganza team for 2022. But stay tuned for next year because the fun will continue and expand to three more cities in Canada: Vancouver and Durham!

Hanggang sa muling Fiesta! Kitakits, kababayan!