Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza 2023

The Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza 2023, held at 1441 Clark Avenue West, Vaughan, ON was a success! The vibrant weekend, last July 8-9, 2023 was full of celebration of Filipino culture and community.

One of the standout moments was the captivating performance by Ariel Rivera, a renowned Filipino singer and actor. His serene vocals and stage presence serenaded the crowd, taking them on a nostalgic OPM journey.


Ariel Rivera and other Talents

Vivid Cultural Performances

Filipino Food and Merchandise


The Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza 2023 provided a platform for local talents through the “Discovering FE Talents” segment. Bands and performers from the local Canadian-Filipino community showcased their skills, bringing their unique talents to the forefront. Cultural performances by the JDL Cultural Group, Aklan Ati-Atihan, and the Philippine Heritage band were also a highlight of the event, immersing the audience in the rich traditions and culture of the Philippines.

Fun Yardz provided a fun and interactive element with their 360 Photobooth and FE Signage Cut-out. The event also paid homage to Filipino favorite childhood games, inviting attendees to participate in traditional games like Karera ng Sako, evoking nostalgia and promoting the preservation of cultural traditions.

Giving certificates by the Filipino-Canadian Association in Vaughan (FCAV) and the Philippine Extravaganza for Arts, Culture, and Heritage (PEACH) to community awardees recognized their valuable contributions to the community.


The Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together the Filipino-Canadian community in a celebration of their heritage. From captivating performances to community recognition and engaging activities, the event fostered a sense of unity and pride. As attendees left with cherished memories and a renewed appreciation for their culture, the Vaughan Fiesta Extravaganza once again proved to be an unforgettable experience, strengthening bonds within the community and creating lasting connections for years to come.